Risk Mitigating Debrief

Huge strides have been made in improving safety through risk mitigation/management by implementing Human Factors techniques. Most of this improvement is through operational TEM strategies for future mitigation and real-time management. Ultimately, a tool is needed that conforms to a Continuous Improvement (C I) model that will drive safety. Continuous Improvement requires the ability to … Read more

Operational Culture and Human Factors Challenges for the new Millenia.

Since the Air Commerce Act of 1926 established standards, aviation safety and performance has been improving across the industry.  Those early aircraft were very different from the ones we fly today. As technology was developed, the same historical philosophy and procedural concepts were applied to very different aircraft, and a more complex and challenging air … Read more

Our Job and Our Health

Researching the effects of diurnal and circadian disruption on the human hormonal system raises some important questions for the aviation community. The effect is serious and needs to be understood if we are going to try to mitigate the negative impact on our lives. This piece is research based with references throughout. However, I have also … Read more