Paul Westfield has a long history in Communication, Human Factors, Leadership, and Risk Management. Starting with a BA in Communication Studies he has built a foundation for developing excellence in performance and development. Fourteen years as a USAF Major and fighter pilot culminated in graduation from the prestigious USAF Fighter Weapons Instructor School. His career is civilian aviation spanned over thirty years. During those years he advanced his skills as a Supervisory Instructor, Standards Check Airman, FAA Aircrew Designee and as a Human Factors Subject Matter Expert (SME). As the National Aeromedical SME for the Airline Plots Association (ALPA) his work involved assessing cognitive impacts of fatigue and performance, developing and teaching peer to peer support programs focusing on mental health, stress management and mitigation. In addition to master coursework in Human Factors, Leadership Coaching, and Aviation Education, Paul is a CTI trained Life/Leadership Coach and PCI trained Physician Development Coach. Attending Harvard’s Non-Technical Skills for OR Teams: Intensive Master Class, has allowed integration of current medical and aviation related Crew Resource Management concepts.As a certified public speaking trainer, he currently helped develop instructor curriculum and trains new instructor trainers for a major airline. He has been a keynote speaker and requested presenter at various national and international conferences on Human Factors, Human Information Processing and Error Avoidance.By developing a deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence, with certification in EQ-2.0/EQ-360, he was able to integrate this critical component into his Optimal Performance model. This unique integration supports moving highly skilled pilots and physicians toward maximizing their effectiveness through balanced skill integration.

For information on Medical or Aviation programs please include a brief needs outline. Motivational keynote or developmental presentations will be tailored to your specific goals and needs.