Health Potentials in Aviation

Our Job and our Health as Crewmembers Captain Paul Westfield Researching the effects of diurnal and circadian disruption on the human hormonal system raises some important questions for the aviation community. The effect is serious and needs to be understood if we are going to try to mitigate the negative impact on our lives. This … Read more

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Human Factors Error Management in Medical Leadership.

As a former USAF fighter pilot and career airline captain my training was always focused on error avoidance and error management. In the aviation world, errors can kill us and others. The concepts of Human Factors and Error Management for aviation, transfer directly to the medical community.  While the aviation community has been addressing the … Read more

Between stimulus and response there is a space… within that space we create opportunity!

Many may recognize part of that phrase as being credited to Austrian Psychologist Viktor.E. Frankl. While it turns out that he may never have said it, the truth in that first sentence is irrefutable. Within that space there is unlimited opportunity for positive changes in our lives. Operational Human Factors Integration in healthcare embodies the … Read more