Between stimulus and response there is a space… within that space we create opportunity!

Many may recognize part of that phrase as being credited to Austrian Psychologist Viktor.E. Frankl. While it turns out that he may never have said it, the truth in that first sentence is irrefutable. Within that space there is unlimited opportunity for positive changes in our lives.

Operational Human Factors Integration in healthcare embodies the concept of using our skills in communication, emotional intelligence, knowledge, and technical skills to reach optimal performance. Human Factors coaching is all about finding the opportunity in our response to stimulus. It’s greatest impact is in moments of great criticality, like surgery.

Remember a time when you were confronted by someone challenging your action or position. What feelings came up, defensiveness, insecurity perhaps, inferiority, anxiety, maybe even panic. Now imagine being open to the position of that person and being able to integrate their message, in a timely and positive way, into your plan for the task at hand. How different that would be for both of you! Your team will experience increased integration, motivation, cooperation, reduced errors, and in healthcare, dramatically improved patient outcomes. The opportunities that are created by our choices while we are in that “space” are truly life changing.Human Factors Integration

Surgeons operating using surgical equipment
Surgeons operating using surgical equipment

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